Many homeowners are experiencing excessive water flow or water accumulation near foundations, driveways and walkways, with a great majority of these issues stemming from inconveniently placed downspouts simply because of necessity….!

The solution, DOWNSPOUT DRAINS, sometimes mistakenly called French Drains in the upper Midwest. A DOWNSPOUT DRAIN is composed of a catch basin or downspout direct connect, a corrugated 4 inch tube placed below grade in a purpose dug ditch, and a water emitter placed at a lower level on the property and away from foundation and traffic areas to distribute the water runoff.

Ideally, the drains would be installed prior to any hardscaping on a property, however, retrofitting a home for underground drains is not prohibitive nor exceedingly difficult.

The most common applications for underground downspout drains are areas where downspouts are funneling water onto walkways and driveways thereby creating ice hazards in the fall, winter and early spring.

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